1.4. Change Log

The edX documentation team no longer maintains a change log for each guide. For a weekly summary of platform changes, refer to the EdX Release Notes on the docs.edx.org website.

For information about changes made to the edX documentation set, the edx-documentation repository on GitHub provides a complete record.

1.4.1. November 2015

Date Change
2 November 2015 Updated the format of course component location identifiers throughout this guide.

1.4.3. July 2015

Date Change
8 July 2015 Added the Poll Tool and Survey Tool sections.

1.4.5. March 2015

Date Change
11 Mar 2015 Added the secton Adding Tooltips to a Problem.
  Added the chapter “Working with Problems”.
5 Mar 2015 Updated the Other edX Resources to include information about the The edX Partner Portal and the The Open edX Portal.

1.4.6. February 2015

Date Change
2/13/15 Update the example in Drag and Drop Problem XML.

1.4.7. December, 2014

Date Change
2/12/14 Updated LTI Component Settings to reflect added settings.
12/31/14 Added the Google Calendar Tool and Google Drive Files Tool chapters.
12/17/14 Updated Custom JavaScript Display and Grading Problem to indicate that you cannot use a custom JavaScript problem in a component with multiple problems.

1.4.8. November, 2014

Date Change
11/24/14 Added section Example of OLX for a Studio Course.
11/14/14 Added additional information in the Drag and Drop Problem (Deprecated) chapter.
11/07/14 Added a caution that content experiments are only supported within verticals, in Add a Content Experiment in OLX.

1.4.9. October, 2014

Date Change
10/28/14 Added the section Example of an OLX Course.
  Added Create a Randomized Custom Python-Evaluated Input Problem
10/23/14 Fixed the code sample in Script Tag Format in the Write-Your-Own-Grader Problem chapter.
  Fixed a bug in the Text Input Problem XML Reference.
10/17/14 Provided more explanation to the introduction to Exercises, Tools, and Problem Types.
  Reorganized the Exercises, Tools, and Problem Types and Course Components (XBlocks) sections to properly categorize these types of objects.
  Updated the OLX Course Structure chapter to accurately reflect how an OLX course is organized.
  Updated the HTML Components, Discussion Components, and Video Components chapters to explain the option to embed content in container objects.
10/07/14 Added pages for the Graphical Slider Tool and Symbolic Response to the Exercises, Tools, and Problem Types section.

1.4.10. September, 2014

Date Change
09/30/14 Release of the Alpha version of this document.